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Getting around

a. Metro

A ticketing system based on distance and time
The Chengdu Metro uses a ticketing system based on distance and time Basic price of RMB 2 is charged for the first four kilometers, and from 4 km to 12 km, for every four kilometers an additional RMB 1 is charged; from 12 km to 24 km, for every six kilometers an additional RMB 1 is charged;from 24 km to0 km, for every eight kilometers an additional RMB 1 is charged; from 40 km to 50 km, for every ten kilometers an additional RMB 1 is charged; when exceeding 50 km, for every twenty kilometers an additional RMB 1 is charged.

Ticket purchase

Using cash to purchase tickets
Use cash to purchase tickets at the station's ticket vending machines or at the Customer Service Center's semi-automatic vending machines. The ticket vending machines only accept RMB 1 coin or RMB 5, 10 or 20 bills.

Using pre-paid cards to purchase tickets
Use Tianfu Tong card or e-wallet of Finance IC card to purchase tickets from ticket vending machines.

Using mobile payment apps to purchase tickets
Use WeChat wallet or Alipay to purchase tickets at Customer Service Center.

During the event, Chengdu Metro will provide preferential policies for all athletes and their families. You and your family can enjoy the free subway service by showing the Entry documents of 2019 WPFG(Chengdu).

Official Website: http://www.chengdurail.com/index_en.html
In addition, the official website of Chengdu Metro has an English version, which can be switched between Chinese and English by the EN/CN button in the upper right corner.

Metro Hotline: 028-61638000

b. Bus

Chengdu Public Transport Group Co. Ltd will provide preferential policies for all athletes and their families. You and your family can enjoy the free subway service by showing the Entry documents of 2019 WPFG(Chengdu).

Official Website: http://www.cdgjbus.com

Bus Hotline: 028-85076868

Notes:  Swipe IC cards to get on the bus, or drop coins. You need 2 yuan to take a bus.

c. Taxi

Up to now, there are about 19,000 taxis in Chengdu, including about 15,000 in the five downtown areas (including Wuhou, Jinniu, Jinjiang, Chenghua, Qingyang District and Hi-tech Zone). The vehicles is green, and the mainstream model is Volkswagen Jetta. Empty taxis or taxis for hire usually have a red light on the dashboard of the car, and you can hail the taxi directly or call them in the assistance of stuffs in venues and hotels. Taxi provides passengers with flexible, convenient and personalized travel services.(This is not included in WPFG free transportation service)

Official Website: http://www.cdtaxi.cn(Chinese Version)

Service Hotline: 028-12328、028-61887555 (Chinese only)

d. Shared Bicycle

In order to allow all athletes to experience a diversity of transportation support services, the LOC also strongly advocates green travel. with regards to this, we will park all kinds of shared bicycles near the traffic assembly points in the four venues of Hi-tech Zone, Jinniu, Wuhou and Longquanyi District. Then, you can enjoy the free riding service by simply showing the Entry documents of 2019 WPFG(Chengdu).

e. Car Rental

If you want to meet your own transportation needs, car rental is the best choice. 2019 WPFG are looking for an official car rental service provider, and we will notify athletes as soon as possible after the selection. If a team, it is recommended that you consider renting a vehicle that can deliver the entire team and your equipment. The full-size buses are available in car rental companies.

i. China Auto Rental Co. Ltd (CAR)
Service Hotline: 400-661-6666
Official Website: https://en.zuche.com/

ii. Shanghai 1Hai Car Rental Co. Ltd(1Hai)
Service Hotline: 400-888-6608-7
Official Website: https://en.1hai.cn/


f. Ride-Hailing


For more efficient and convenient way of travel, we recommend several Ride-Hailing companies for you. You just request a ride from a private vehicle by means of a web application (English available) form you're a handhold smart phone, which is ease payment in Wechat.

i. Didi Chuxing ("DiDi")
Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) is the world’s leading mobile transportation platform. Now, the company offers a full range of app-based transportation options in English for over 1 million users, including Taxi, Express, Premier, Luxe, and Enterprise Solutions.

DiDi is committed to collaborating with cities, the taxi industry and communities to solve the world’s transportation, environmental, and employment challenges with smart transportation innovations. The company is working with a growing alliance of car industry players to build out an auto-solution and operation platform.

Official Website: https://www.didiglobal.com (ChineseEnglish)

Service Hotline: +86 400 0000 999

ii. Shouqi Car Rental
“Shouqi Car Rental Co., Ltd.” is the first car rental platform jointly developed by Shouyue Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shouqi Group. Since its launch, it has been striving to build the first brand of customized car service. The company is promoting it nationwide and becomes an advocator of smart transportation. The company's express vehicles all use the regular rental vehicles, and cooperate with the professional driver service company. By using the mobile Internet and big data technology, we provide customers with a new car experience at any time. The express car is positioned in the middle and high class, focusing on the mid-to-high-end commercial vehicle service market, allowing passengers to provide portable, easy and comfortable vehicles. Customers just need to make a reservation via mobile app or phone. Shouqi provides distinguished services and vehicles; adhere to the integrity and transparency of service attitude, and constantly pursue meticulous service details. We strive to become the most satisfied and trusted brand in the industry.

Official Website: https://www.01zhuanche.com

Service Hotline: 10105678