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Jinli Street

Chengdu version painting -- "Jinli Street",is to feel romantic leisure spirit Inn,is to experience the culture of the Three Kingdoms and Chengdu folk charm blocks.

It covers an area of 30000 square meters,construction area of more than 14000 square meters,street length 550 meters,to the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty folk dwelling houses for coats,connotation of culture of the three Kingdoms and Chengdu folklore,tourism shopping,leisure and entertainment for the whole.

In 2009,Jinli Street extension "waterfront Jinli Street" open shop at.The twists and turns of the courtyard,street and the waterfront,lake,pond,stone echoes,theme clubs,theme restaurants,theme shops located among them,water Dengying,do not have a mood.

Old streets regularly held traditional wedding,music,drama,folk costume show,folk performances,and held the theme activities in accordance with the China traditional festivals,such as the Lantern Festival,the Dragon Boat Festival to eat rice dumplings contest,July 7th Valentine's Day theme activities,to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival will,let you enjoy the most comfortable way of leisure entertainment in an authentic western Sichuan folk culture.

The shops sell some chopsticks,lantern,tea,silk and native.The restaurant Food Zhang Fei beef,three cannons,Fei Chang powder,a chopsticks cup are directed to the taste,not fancy,no gimmicks,is very affordable.And craft people stuff,pinching clay figurine,turn a sugar,to buy a paper cutting,is childish things,nostalgia is also missing childhood simple happiness.A street colorful lanterns and guise,is vulgar,graph is a lively.And the streets of suction catch the eye,or those who make passionate love Chengdu powder.They are at a bar on sunflower seeds and play cards,drink with foreign wine or soft words,said chengdu.

Chengdu people so frolic with relaxation to wandering in the Jinli Street,nostalgic emotion with exports,favorite people to meet the appetite.Jinli Street is the world scene.