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Everything has been arranged, only for you to come - WPFG Preparatory Group initiated reception work for the games


Lead: The World Police & Fire Games has entered its final stretch. In order to finish the reception work formally and accurately, WPFG Preparatory Group sent reception team to welcome guests around the world warmly and offer them relevant consultation work.
Mobilization and unified standard
WPFG Preparatory Group launched the mobilization and training session for liaison work in collaboration with the Municipal Government's Foreign Office in the afternoon of August 1st to make sure the WPFG reception work could be done orderly, which is contribute to the success of the games. A total of more than 130 people attended the meeting including the head of relevant departments of the municipal government's foreign affairs office, the volunteer staff of the Mission City Committee, the staff of the Chengdu Railway Public Security Bureau as well as the staff of the World Police Commission's preparatory office.

The organizing and training unit conducted the special topics, which focus on the procedures of the reception work, key tasks, the niceties as well as FAQs.
Some volunteers performed interactive questions and answers with the organizing and training unit. It seems that this light and active method of mobilization and training session does good to the understanding of volunteers’ work.


Opening up sites and providing warm-hearted service
The WPFG Reception Advisory Service Station has been set into gear since 6am and 7am on August 3rd in Chengdu Shuangliu airport and Chengdu east railway station respectively. Since the launch of 24-hour "no waiting time" one-stop service in the reception site of Chengdu Shuangliu airport, the WPFG Preparatory Group reception team, the staff of the Municipal Government's Foreign Office together with the volunteers from the municipal youth league committee has suited up and worked day and night to welcome the “First foreign guest” with warm smiles and kind services.
On-the-spot investigation and preparation work in advance
The opening ceremony of WPFG is going to start soon. In order to make sure the seat arrangements of the guests and the success of this event, the reception group of all interpreters as well as volunteers went to Shuangliu sports center again dispute the hot weather. The whole group previewed the entry routes of opening ceremony and double checked the guide points. The possible vulnerabilities have been sorted out. The reception group used their actions to meet the slogan “Being good host and organizing the WPFG well”.
Everything has been arranged, only for you to come.