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Serve the World Police and Fire Games! More than 6,200 volunteers will complete the training by early Augus


    The 2019 World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu is about to begin. There will be a group of volunteers who will be active in addition to the enthusiastic participation of the athletes. They will participate in all aspects of the event, from registration to consultation, emergency response and logistics assistance.

    The Chengdu 2019 World Police and Fire Games Preparatory Office has learned that up to now, the volunteer recruitment has been completed, a total of more than 6,200 volunteers, including a total of 1,200 volunteers at the municipal level, and more than 5,000 volunteers from local districts and counties.

    "The training of volunteers was launched at the end of May. The training includes general education training, professional training and police competition training. All the training will be completed by the beginning of August." Said Xiang Gong, a representative from the volunteer organizing department of the Preparatory Office of the WPFG.

    There are four types of volunteer recruitment:
    · Volunteer for events, mainly responsible for assisting the sports event department to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the competition and promote the spirit of sports;
    · General volunteer, mainly responsible for airport pickup, check-in and registration, concierge reception, guest guidance, hotel guidance, venue consultation, logistics assistance, emergency response, etc.;
    · Urban volunteers, mainly responsible for providing transportation information and consulting at public transportation sites such as metros and bus stops, in order to advertise and promote Chengdu culture.
    · Opening/Closing Ceremony Volunteers, mainly responsible for guiding, consulting attendees of ceremony and hand out supplies.
    “Volunteers that are chosen will be volunteering at airports, railway stations and hotels during the WPFG.” Xiang Gong said, the recruitment was separated into municipal level and county level. Considering English and professional qualities, the recruitment mostly aimed towards universities and colleges, including Sichuan University, Xihua University, and Chengdu University. “The volunteers will serve at Gaoxin, Jinniu, Wuhou, Tianfu District, Shuangliu, Jintang, Longquan, Dujiangyan and Wenjiang competition areas. 
    Compared with other competitions, some events of the WPFG are very professional. Therefore, the Preparatory Office of Chengdu WPFG recruited a group of professional students from Sichuan Police College. 

Zhitao Zhong

    Zhitao Zhong, 21, a Junior student in the law department of Sichuan Police College, went to the Preparatory office of Chengdu WPFG as a volunteer to participate in the preparatory work. He is mainly responsible for the docking of volunteers from different competition areas and collecting the related work progress of volunteers from each competition area. "After the school notified us, we learned about the recruitment of volunteers by the Chengdu WPFG. It is a big event in my hometown. I'm very proud to be part of it. It's also a great way to broaden my horizons and learn new things."