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Thank-You Letter


In order to expand the influence of 2019 World Police and Fire Games (WPFG), to encourage more people to participate in this event, and to achieve the goal of “One Duty, One Dream”, 2019 WPFG Organizing Committee entrusted some people and organizations to promote this event to police and fire departments abroad as overseas consultants and liaisons. We hope that our joint efforts will make this event a great success, and we are convinced that with their help, this event will be more glorious.
When the host approached these people and organizations, we requested them to help promote 2019 WPFG. The two sides reached a highly unanimous view on the issue, and these people and organizations accepted our request with pleasure and expressed their willingness to be the overseas consultants and liaisons. Here we would like to extend our sincere gratitude.
The overseas consultants and liaisons serve as a bridge that connects the potential participants and the host. They are fully informed that the host has entrusted them as overseas consultants and liaisons, and, like the host, they are also bound by the Agreement signed by the host and the World Police and Fire Games Federation, which stipulates that all the work related to public relations, advertising, marketing, etc., needs to be approved by the WPFG Federation, and the Federation should be informed of all the promotional work. Any third party may not publish any material based on the host, the Federation or 2019 WPFG without permission of the host. Therefore, when promoting the event, the overseas consultants and liaisons shall not make substantial commitment about the event and shall not publish any information or materials about the event. Specific event-related information should be confirmed by the host's notice or communication with the host. We believe that with the excellent promotional work of our overseas consultants and liaisons, we will make this event a great success. Let`s wish the world a better future.
2019 Chengdu World Police and Fire Games Preparatory Office
18 June, 2019