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Volunteering Information of 2019 World Police and Fire Games


Type of Volunteers

1. Event Volunteers
Mainly responsible for assisting the sports event department to guarantee the games run efficiently and smoothly, and carrying forwards sportsmanship.

2. General Volunteers
Mainly responsible for airport pickup, registration, concierge reception, guest guidance, hotel guidance, venue consultation, logistics assistance, emergency disposal, etc.

3. City Volunteers
Mainly responsible for transportation guidance and tourism publicity at the bus, subway, and other importation traffic stations.

4. Opening and Closing Ceremonies Volunteers (Differing from professional performers)
Mainly responsible for audience guidance, materials distribution at the ceremonies.

Conditions of Volunteer Recruitment

Applicants must be:

1. Abiding by laws and regulations, and having no criminal record;

2. Voluntarily participating in 2019 World Police and Fire Games;

3. At least 18 years of age when serving in the games (born before August 8, 2001), and in good mental and physical health;

4. Accepting the management of the WPFG work leading group, obeying the post arrangement, complying with regulations, and guaranteeing to participate in volunteer training and other related activities;

5. Able to fulfill the requirements of the post;

6. Good at English communication, standard mandarin. Those who are English majored, qualified with the College English Test-6 or above is preferred;

7. Having volunteering experience in large-scale events is preferred.

Entry for Application

Chengdu Youth Volunteer Service Official WeChat Account - “Qing Ju Jin Guan Cheng”: http://jrsuc.cdcyl.com.cn/volunteer/

Volunteer Training Arrangement

The training starts from April to July 2019, including general training, professional training, post training, and complex exercise. Experts in relevant units will carry out the training.

Volunteer Welfare

1. Work Guarantee
1. Issuing work permits;
2. Providing volunteer clothing and equipment;
3. Catering during the service;
4. Personal accident insurance during the serving period;

2. Rewards
1. Awarded the volunteer service certificate of the 2019 WPFG;
2. Awards for excellent individuals and collectives of the 2019 WPFG.


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