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  • 1. Q: Will shuttle buses be provided at the airport?

  • A: There will be shuttle buses from the airport to the Main Accreditation Center from 3rd to 17th August. WPFG participants can take the shuttle buses for free with their confirmation letter. Participants can also take free shuttle buses at transportation hubs to the event venues with their athlete/family/TSP accreditation, and volunteers will offer ushering service for transportation.

  • 2. Q:Can you provide training field/course/turf/rink for the event?

  • A: There will be training sessions before the Games. Please contact the sports coordinator of your event to know the time and place of the training session.

  • 3. Q:How can I get an invitation letter?

  • A: An invitation letter with your name will be sent to your email when you finish your registration. Please visit https://wpfg2019.fusesport.com/registration/757 for registration. If you need an invitation letter in Chinese, after registration please send to office@chengdu2019wpfg.com a request letter attached with a copy of your passport and the confirmation letter. If you need other types of invitation, also contact with the above email.

  • 4. Q:Can you offer the bike renting service for Cycling events?

  • A:For Mountain Bike or Street Bike renting service, please contact Jimmy. His email is zhangj327@163.com

  • 5. Q: What should athletes do when they need to change their information in the registration system?

  • A: If you need to change your registration information, please send an email to the Federation`s email: 4info@cpaf.org .