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2019 WPFG (Chengdu)

The World Police and Fire Games had their origins in San Jose, California in 1985. Since that time the Games have been held every 2 years in a different city and country around the world. Many of the world largest cities have hosted the games.

The Games attract thousands of competitors from up to 80 countries to contest 54+ sports.The Games eligibility extends to all serving law enforcement officers and professional firefighters as well as retired officers. The Games offer the opportunity for competitors and their family to develop and build friendships as well as the opportunity to facilitate cultural exchanges and cooperation between the host city and the world.

Footprints in Chengdu

In 2007, Chengdu Police, invited by Adelaide police, made their first debut in the 12th WPFG in Australia. Since then, Chengdu has attended the WPFG for five times and has obtained 102 medals in total, including 31 gold medals ,39 silver medals and 32 bronze medals. In 2015, The delegation of the Ministry of Public Security of China made its first appearance in the 16th WPFG in Fairfax, USA. Athletes from 12 countries whose consulates have already established in Chengdu competed with their Chinese counterparts in theWPFG. Off the court, the Chinese athletes build friendships with foreign athletes who have different cultural backgrounds, different religious beliefs, different colors and different languages, by which they deepened their relationship bonds and exchanged cultural cognition.

During the preparation of the 2019 WPFG, Chengdu, by actively participating in the games, has accumulated experience from former host countries / cities and also got strong supports and active cooperation from them. Since March 2016, series of sports events, like ‘The international tournament of vertical marathon in Chengdu Yingtai center’, ‘The mountain climbing and rescue competition of the Chengdu police and fire games’, have been successively held in Chengdu in order to capture more people’s attention on this fantastic games and those events do reinforce the cultural interactions with a number of foreign consular officials. Apart from that, Chengdu police has also established the official Facebook account and WeChat public platform which has already generated over 150,000 hits. In July 2015, the promotion of the 2019 WPFG by the delegation of Chengdu in Fairfax ( the U.S ) has successfully attracted thousands of people. Friends across the world showed very strong interest in visiting Chengdu in 2019.

2019, Let’s meet in Chengdu!

Chengdu is a mega-city and the center of western China, which has a population of 17 million. By now,17 countries have set up consulate in the city. And it has built sister-city relationship with 25 cities in other countries, and friendly cooperation relationship with 55 cities in other countries. There are 281 out of the fortune global 500 enterprises have built business in Chengdu, 106 international airlines enable direct flight to all over the world .The implementation of 72 hours visa-exemption policy provides convenience for friends across the world visiting Chengdu .

Chengdu enjoys the reputation of the best city for tourism of China ,the city of gourmet and the tourism destination of the world. The city and its surrounding area boast of many world Cultural and natural legacies designated by UNESCO, namely DuJiangyan irrigation system, Mt.Qingcheng the birthplace of Taoism, Mt.Emei the Buddhist sanctuary, the incomparable Leshan Buddha and Jiu Zhai vally with plateau scenery which is called the heaven on earth. Chengdu, with pleasant weather, delicious sichuan food, gorgeous stunt of Sichuan opera changing face and hospitality, is the best place to demonstrate the philosophy of WPFG “Happy work and happy life”.

The 18th WPFG will be held in Chengdu in 2019 following the world air route development conference in 2016 and the world Tourism Organization conference in 2017. We are carefully doing the preparation for our friends from all over the world in every aspect. Please believe us, Chengdu will give you a wonderful and unique WPFG in 2019 and make your trip to Chengdu unforgettable.

In 2019, we look forward to you!