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Greetings from Chengdu Municipality

Dear police officers, firefighters, and family members,

On behalf of Chengdu Municipal People's Government and 16 million Chengdu citizens, I would like to extend my highest respect and most sincere invitation to police officers and firefighters of different countries and regions. Welcome to the 18th World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu, China in the summer of 2019.

Enjoying the reputation of the “Land of Abundance", Chengdu has a civilization of 4,500 years. It has kept its name and location unchanged over the past 2,300 years. With genetically rooted passion for sports since ancient times, Chengdu has been the host city of numerous sport competitions, and has developed rich experience and expertise in organizing large-scale international sporting events. With the help and instruction of the WPFG Federation, the whole municipality has been working tirelessly to greet the upcoming 18th WPFG with first-class sports venues, quality services, and pleasant city environment.

Heralding into a new era, Chengdu is a city where trendy lifestyle echoes traditional culture, where profound history resonate with dynamic modern civilization. It is a city harbored by precious world heritages like the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng, nourished by treasurable historical and cultural relics such as Wuhou Shrine and Du Fu Thatched Cottage, and a city where splendid intangible cultural heritage including Shu Brocade and Shu Embroidery are handed down from generation to generation. Credited by many international institutions as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Chengdu is home to giant pandas, the national treasure, and a city where towering snow mountains stretching along the skyline come into view as you raise your eyes. As a National Central City in the new era, it's a city full of vigor and vitality for development and a city that's been crowned the Happiest City in China for 10 consecutive years. It is a city that you never want to leave once you set your foot in.

Chengdu is genuinely looking forward to having you as its guests. You are warmly invited to join us in 2019, to meet with pandas, visit scenic spots and historical sites, taste delicacies from around the world, explore the charm of the city and the very essence of happiness in Chengdu, and then take back with you the most unforgettable experience and beautiful memory.

Wish the 18th WPFG a great success! And welcome to Chengdu!


Mayor of Chengdu Municipal People's Government
Director of 2019 Chengdu WPFG Organizing Committee

Greetings from 2019 Chengdu WPFG

Dear police officers, firefighters,

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you and your family, on behalf of Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau and 40,000 officers from law enforcement and fire service, to the 18th World Police and Firefighter Games to be held in August. 2019 in Chengdu. China, the first World Games ever to be hosted by an Asian country. We are ready!

With 4500 years of civilization and an urban history of more than 2300 years. Chengdu has been a national cultural and historical city with unique aura. Enjoying the reputation of "the Land of Abundance", the city boasts time-honored cultural heritage and rich tourism resources. With the goal of becoming a world city renowned for creative culture, tourism and sports, as well as a famous capital for food, music and exhibition, Chengdu, historically served as the starting point of the South Silk Road, has witnessed rapid and vigorous development powered by its great ambition.

Named as "China's Best Tourism City" by UNWTO and CNTA. Chengdu has many World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites such as Mount Qingcheng, Oujiangyan Irrigation Project, the Giant Panda Sanctuaries, and 40 tourist attractions rated as national Quadrupte-A status or above, including Wuhou Shrine. Du Fu Thatched Cottage. Jinsha Site Museum, as well as a great number of intangible cultural heritages, including Sichuan Opera and Shu Embroidery. Known for its perfect balance between fast-paced development and slow day- to-day life, Chengdu has earned the reputation of "a city that you never want to leave once you come". For years, Chengdu has topped the list for China's Happiest City and has also been one of the 21 must-see places selected by National Geographic.

Designated by UNESCO in 2010 as the City of Gastronomy, the title to which only 6 cities in the globe have been granted. Chengdu not only offers delicacies from all over the world, but also provides the chance for all to explore the magic art of flavors in Sichuan cuisine and the myth behind the saying 'each dish has its own style while a hundred dishes come with a hundred different flavors".

Today, as an important gateway city opening up to the world in west China. Chengdu has nearly 20 foreign consulates, over 80 international sister cities and friendly cooperation cities, and 111 international air routes that connect Chengdu with major cities throughout the world. As of January 1st. 2019. Chengdu will implement 144-hour visa-free transit policy, providing easier access for all participants joining the Games in Chengdu.

Chengdu is well prepared for the 2019 WPFG. Fully-fledged sports facilities, passionate and professional volunteers, reliable social security management, sound medical service, well-developed public transportation and a wide range of accommodation options will not only meet the demand of the Games, but also make you feel at home. Besides, diversified side events will also be organized during the Games, such as policing forums, police equipment exhibitions and cultural activities to build platforms where participants can communicate, exchange ideas and make friends off the court. With strong support from the WPFG Federation and our counterparts from different counties. I am confident that we will make the 2019 WPFG a milestone event that is enthusiastic, fascinating, successful and satisfactory.

Once again. I'd like to cordially invite you to the 2019 Chengdu WPFG. And I believe your experience in Chengdu will be beautiful and memorable.

Vice Mayor of Chengdu Municipal People's Government
Director General of Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau
2019 Chengdu WPFG Organizing Committee

Message from Chengdu Fire Department

Dear police officers, firefighters and family members:

The 18th World Police and Fire Games will be held in Chengdu, China, from August 8th to 18th, 2019. As the first Asian host city of the Games, Chengdu is ready to present its glamour and hospitality. Firefighters of Chengdu and the whole China are also ready to hit the road. On behalf of Chengdu Fire Department and 3,500 officers from fire and rescue service, I am greatly honored to welcome you and yourfamily to join us in this grand event.

Chengdu, not only serves as the center of economy, science and technology, finance, culture and innovation, foreign exchange and a comprehensive transportation and telecommunication hub in west China, but is also honored as the "Land of Abundance" with its profound history. Though bristling with towering buildings, the city is filled with lingering charm of the past. Rich greenery and blossom may take you back to the flowery spring morning after a delightful rain when blooms fill the city fair as depicted by Du Fu, one of the greatest Chengdu poets of Tang Dynasty. Time-honored cultural relics such as Wuhou Shrine, Jinsha Site Museum and Wangjiang Pavilion will lead you to the untold stories and folks. Fancy restaurants scattered in streets and alleys will give a chance for all to explore the culinary art of Chengdu and its unique aura as a “City of Gastronomy".

Chengdu 2019 World Police and Fire Games will also be a good platform for us to communicate and cooperate with international counterparts. Competition facilitates deeper exchange between athletes while interactions off the court help firefighters form closer ties. Parallel sessions on emergency response, forums on fire fighting and rescue work, and exhibitions of fire fighting equipment will also be organized during the Games. These activities will enable more in-depth discussions on the ethos, function, approach and mechanism of fire rescue. “Fight against fire, save lives and help those in danger", the shared spirit of all fire fighters, will be held high throughout the Games. With joint efforts of us all, we are confident to make the Chengdu 2019 World Police and Fire Games the most fantastic and successful event.

Once again, I cordially invite you and your family to participate in the 18th World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu, China and to feel the warmth, hospitality and friendliness of the city and its people with true love and passion.

Deputy Director Of 2019 Chengdu WPFG Preparatory Committee
Commissioner of Chengdu Fire Department